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More features, live inventory feeds and installations than any other firearm retail software. Read what top shooting sports retailers and ranges have to say about AXIS Software

"I met with the owners of RTG and Gearfire and talked on many occasions about the shooting sports industry. These organizations are very engaged, committed and responsive to the growth and partnerships of the independent dealer. They are poised with the right components, personnel and direction to be supremely successful in this industry and beyond. I believe the best is yet to come…"

Richard Sprague, Owner, Sprague’s Sports LLC and NSSF Board Member

Why Do Shooting Sports Retailers Prefer AXIS?

Cutting Edge Retail Firearm POS

RTG, Together With Gearfire, Gearfire Payments And Orchid Advisors Provides The Only End-To-End Solution For The Shooting Sports Industry

"RTG has always provided excellent customer service. The software has helped our stores operate more efficiently, making our jobs easier and a better experience for our customers."

Kennan Sanders, Nashville Armory – Multistore

POS Software Dedicated to Shooting Sports Retail

"We have been working closely with RTG since their development. As a previous ARS v6 customer for 15+ years, we were excited to upgrade to AXIS when it was available. The RTG team did a great job of helping us through the conversion, now a little over 1 1/2 years ago. Since the conversion, they have been very responsive to our issues and willing to consider our modification suggestion. Although today the AXIS program isn’t perfect, we feel it is superior to the existing competition and will be even better once the pending enhancements are completed. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a new or different software program to seriously consider AXIS. "

Rex Gore, President & CEO, Black Wing Shooting Center

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