Software Functionality by Package

Each AXIS software module comes stacked with incredible feature to run your single or multi-store operation. The following is a list of the core business functions included within each package found on the Packages and Custom Build Options page.

Retail and Inventory Management Packages

Point-of-Sale Application


Transaction Management

Merchant Processing

Customer Tracking

Employee Management

Specialty Transactions

Retail Management Essentials

[Includes Point of Sale Functions]


Inventory Management

Purchasing and Receiving


Reporting and Analytics

QuickBooks Integration

Retail Management Performance

[Includes Retail Essentials Functions]


House Accounts

Classes and Education

Loyalty Reporting

Firearms Management and Compliance Packages

FFL Compliance Essentials

Bound Book

GCA/NFA Bound Book

Firearm Purchase and Sell



Physical Firearm Inventory/Count

Gunsmithing Work Orders/Bound Book

FFL Compliance Performance

[Includes FFL Compliance Essentials]

e4473 Kiosk

Manufacturing Bound Book

eNICS Approvals

eSignature Capture

Multi-Sale Alerts/Reports

Facility Operations and Management Packages

Range Facility Management

Liability Waiver Management

Reservation Tracking

Firearm Rental Management

 Lane and Session Assignment


Multi-Store Performance

Centralized Purchasing

Shared Customer Database

Shared Gift Card Balances

Inventory Transfers

Shared Membership Benefits

Add-Ons and Interfaces

AXIS Auto-Order

Vendor Data Feeds

Purchasing Automation

Connectivity Suite

eCommerce API

Gearfire API

Smartwaiver API