POS Implementation and Training

Making Your Transition Simple and Painless

Hi, I'm Eric! - I See You Bought Software

Eric WillieWe know that one of the greatest pains in purchasing retail software is impact of change. It's not fun. My team is dedicated to create a simple and painless POS implementation. We'll hold your hand, step by step and address data conversion, initial setup, employee training and much more.

Ok! - Let's Implement Your Gun Store Software

Far too often, when retailers make a software purchase, they fail to effectively implement. Sometimes, the software doesn’t get implemented at all. After the initial purchase, it is not uncommon for many retail firearm POS companies to provide the customer the software and a manual, leaving the them to proceed on their own. With no assistance and little direction, the prospect of dealing with such a large undertaking can be intimating and ultimately a set up for failure. RTG understands that for a client to be successful, and to get the most from the investment, it is imperative that implementation is done well. The Implementation Team will advise and assist in all facets of a proper implementations:

Hardware and Compliance Assessment

Data Load and Conversion

Network Health Check

Change Management and Employee Training

Project Management

The AXIS RMS implementation project has five project stages:

  • Stage 1: Project Initiation and Planning

    The Initiation and Planning stage presents an opportunity for all stakeholders to come together, define the business objectives, and agree upon a timeline to implement the AXIS RMS system.
  • Stage 2: Execution

    The Execution stage involves delivering software, configuring the peripherals, and determining the best options for data preloads.
  • Stage 3: Training and Delivery

    The Training and Delivery stage includes installing live data into the AXIS RMS, verifying the network and peripherals, completing training, and preparing the users for live use.
  • Stage 4: Acceptance

    The Acceptance stage allows the Customer and the Solutions Consultant to verify that business objectives can be achieved and confirm the deliverables.
  • Stage 5: Close and Transition

    The Close and Transition stage officially declares the implementation project closed and introduces the retail core group to the RTG Support Team.

Implementation Manager

The moment a client partners with RTG, the account is immediately assigned to the Implementation Project Manager. The PM will begin the project with a kick-off call, where needs are assessed, timelines are determined, and next steps are outlined. Throughout the implementation, the Project Manager periodically revisits the project plan with the client and makes the appropriate adjustments to maintain project timelines and system integrity. The Project Manager is the quarterback in the drive to accomplish a timely implementation.

Conversion Specialist

Whether launching a new system or converting existing data, the Data Conversion Specialist will begin the implementation process by constructing the initial data preload. Saving days of work and tens of thousands of keystrokes, the data preload can be generated from converted data, purchase history, or imported vendor catalogs.

Education Delivery

The software training curriculum was created with scalability and ease-of-use in mind. The AXIS Academy, including the Online Guide and an extensive video library, is made available 24/7. Repeatable and readily accessible on any electronic device, the AXIS Academy is an invaluable resource for new users to learn the system or existing staff to grab a quick refresher. Additionally, a Software Trainer is assigned to every new installation. The Software Trainer’s intimate knowledge of the system guarantees end-user competency and best use of the AXIS system.

How Do I Learn More About Implementing Gun Store POS and Range Software?

It all starts with a simple email or a phone call. During our first no-cost discussion we will understand your timeline and business objectives and recommend next steps.