AXIS Retail Management System

The shooting sports industry’s premier point of sale
and inventory management solution

Influenced by input from firearms retailers and developed in-house by retail experts, AXIS RMS provides a full suite of solutions for the many supply chain, compliance and operational challenges that shooting sport retailers and range operators face every day.

Firearm Specific Functionality

Unlike other Gun Store POS software, AXIS was built specifically for the shooting sports industry. AXIS features have been thoughtfully designed to effectively address the unique needs of firearm retailers. No longer having to settle for clumsy work-arounds or incomplete functionality, retailers can leverage AXIS’ impressive feature set to streamline processes and ensure proper practices are applied when handling compliance sensitive transactions.

Shooting Range Management

Shooting Range management has never been easier. From check-in to session close, AXIS Range will give order to the chaos of range management. Shooter and lane assignment will no longer be a logistics nightmare for Ranges utilizing the AXIS Range application. At last, shooting range operators have the tools to improve the shooter experience, apply safeguards to liability management, and increase profitability.

Omni-channel and web-based solutions for modern retailing challenges

Sales opportunities don’t begin and end at the front door. AXIS provides omnichannel and web-based solutions for modern gun store retail challenges. Reach the next generation of internet savvy customers with integrated web-based services, AXIS Marketplace™ and AXIS RangeConnect™. Increasing your online presence by expanding your product and service offerings to the web, AXIS brings your business into the digital age.

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We’ve been a user of the AXIS retail Point of Sale software for 1 year. The inventory management, easy to use Register function, reporting capabilities, accounting integration, 4473 , and gunsmithing functionality has made it easier for us to conduct business as a firearms retailer. 

Jason Baum, Operations Manager, Nardis Gun Club, NSSF 5 Star Range

Top 6 Retail Firearm Software Functions

Comprehensive Range Management

BATF Compliant

Gunsmithing Component

Membership Management

Training and Class Management

Firearm Specific Transactions

Track your manual range waiver process or connect to Also manage firearms rental, lane assignment and reservations. A seamless range experience for the shooter!

Fully Integrated Bound Book and Electronic 4473 process. Updated to comply with ATF 2016-1 (includes 3310-4 and 3310-12 reporting).

Track serialized and non-serialized items completely through the workflow process and directly to the system. Visibility to every step of the repair process!

Set-up member profiles, manage customer discounts by member type and utilize recurring billing options. Efficiently service memberships!

Monitor and track sign-ups, manage class sizes and meeting locations with information connected to the system for quick customer processing.

Handle the unique transactions specific to firearms retail: purchases, trades, consignment and transfers. Helps you to better serve customers!

Retail Management System
Client Testimonials

We have been using AXIS for 6 years and are very pleased. The system is very user friendly and the multi-store functionality makes it easy to manage multiple locations!

John Traupman, General Mgr, Eagle Gun Range

Retail Management System Functionality

Robust, Real Time Processing

Automated Email Notifications

Centralized Customer Information

Complete Data Management

Easy-to-Use Reporting Package

Accounting Software Interface

Quickly process customer transactions. Increase customer service levels!

System generated emails update customers of transaction state, remind of upcoming enrollment, and inform of membership status.

All customer information is conveniently stored together, making it easy to access and update.

Allows product to seamlessly flow from order entry through receiving and onto the sales floor.

Instantly monitor and track the status of your business – Excel-style functionality allows filtering, sorting or drag and dropping data to quickly view and make informed decisions. Quickly access data to make informed decisions!

Eliminate time-consuming data entry by allowing AXIS to sealmessly move sales and cost information to QuickBooks Pro.

Staff Security Management

Automatic Internet Backups

Promotional Sales Event Management

Integrated Credit Card Processing

Recurring Billing Options for Customer Fees

Manage security access by user to protect sensitive business information.

Data back-ups are performed daily and are housed at a secure, off-site location ensuring your valuable data is always protected and instantly recoverable. Safeguard your business!

Schedule and manage timed sales events.

Integrated PCI Compliant feature allows efficient customer transaction processing through Verifone Point and TSYS (Total System Services). Streamlined credit card processing!

Manage, schedule, and process recurring membership dues and easily log purchases to a customer’s account using the PAYware connect system.

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