Gun Store POS and Inventory Management System

As the landscape of retail changes, RTG is at the forefront of firearm POS technology
and modern retailing methods.

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The Point of Sale

The Point of Sale (POS) is front of house terminal where staff, and customers alike, interact with the AXIS system. The opportunity to impact the customer experience and the increase the effectiveness of staff can be easily be realized.

Intuitive Design

Touch Screen Compatible

Customer Management and History

Advanced Product Search Capability

Scheduled Sales Events

Kit and Case SKUs


Split/Combine Transactions

Special Order and Layaway Initiation

House Accounts

Class/Course enrollment

‘Suggested Sell’ Items

PCI/EMV Credit Card Transactions

A swift, enjoyable check-out process will cap the customer’s overall store experience with a positive conclusion. Efficient transaction completion means fewer bottle necks at the Register, greatly reducing wait times. The quick and easy enrollment process for classes and other store services will add value for the customer, further improving their perception of the store.

The intuitive design of the AXIS Register interface is easy to learn, and employees will quickly become experts in its operation. Transaction efficiency will afford staff members the time to engage customers with system prompted add-on and upsell items, increasing ticket averages while keeping transaction times low.

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We’ve been using the AXIS management software for over a year now and have found it be pinpoint focused for managing our inventory, ordering, and reporting, and also extremely efficient at the point of sale.

James Dean, Owner, Norton Sporting Goods

It all begins with inventory management

Attempting to maintain stock levels – keeping pegs full and avoiding over stocks – can be overwhelming and extremely time consuming.  Applying current best-business practices and utilizing processes protections, AXIS RMS ensures accurate product counts and value on hand . Analytic tools within the AXIS system will quickly calculate and suggest the optimum min/max quantities (reorder points) based on the store’s recent selling trends, fulfillment lead times, and quantities on hand. When used correctly, system generated Purchase Orders ensure the right products are ordered – at the right time – in the right quantities. Huge time savings, increased turns, and lowered overhead are immediately realized, adding to the bottom line.

Vendor Catalogs
Inventory Stocktaking
System Generated POs
Analytics and Reporting
Receiving Process Protections
Product Maintenance

Beyond Capturing Data

AXIS reports provide critical insights and information required to make profitable business decisions. The robust reporting suite within AXIS can easily stack, filter, and sort historical data points to provide the exact information you want, shown exactly how you want it. AXIS report outputs include graphs/charts, Excel exports, or print, giving flexibility when rendering reports depending on intended use.

As useful as viewing historical data can be, RTG understands to effectively forecast or react to current conditions in the store, the information needed must be much more immediate and dynamic. Key Performance Indices (KPI) can be monitored in real-time in AXIS Dashboard.

Gun Store POS Retail Management System

Real-time Dashboard

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QuickBooks Interface

Robust Reporting Suite

Client Testimonials

We were looking for a complete software solution for our retail gun store. We chose Axis Retail Management as our POS because of the electronic 4473 forms, A&D book, inventory management, and the  integration with our accounting software. In the 2.5 years that we have been using Axis we have been able to significantly increase our sales volume without increasing staff or man hours. 

Eric Soderblom – Owner – Ruff’s Sporting Goods

How Do I Learn More About AXIS?

It all starts with a simple email or a phone call. During our first no-cost discussion we will understand your timeline and business objectives and recommend next steps.