Shooting Range Software

Reduce Check-In Wait Times and Eliminate Manual Gun Range Processes

AXIS Range is a suite of solutions designed to address the many challenges of operating a shooting range. Coupled with the AXIS Register application, AXIS Range is the most powerful range management and point of sale software available in the market. The robust feature set in AXIS Range will improve process flow and create revenue generating opportunities

In many shooting ranges, check-in process is the most time-consuming and frustrating part of the range experience for customers and employees alike. Membership validation, paper liability forms, and ineffective lane assignment methods can contribute to long lines – and long waits – at the counter. The bottleneck created at check-in can diminish the customer experience, potentially deterring repeat business and effecting revenue.

AXIS Range can provide the tools to reduce check-in wait times and eliminate arduous manual processes.

Range Membership Services

Configure multiple membership offerings to accommodate benefit incentives and pricing structures.

  • Annual pricing or recurring monthly billing
  • Family/corporate memberships
  • Product, class, and Range time discounts
  • Renewal email notifications

Liability Waiver Controls

Track waiver status and set expiration period

  • Set duration of time waiver will be valid
  • Track paper waivers or interface to
  • Safeguards ensure shooter has a valid waiver on file before allowing lane assignment

Rental Firearm Handling

Manage and track use of rental fleet

  • Quickly and easily assign rental to customer at check-in
  • Track and report on rental statistics; including rounds fired and number of times used
  • Visual indicators within AXIS Range notify staff of rental possession at check-out
Shooting Range Software

Shooting Lane Management

Move shooters from queue through check-out with the intuitive AXIS Range interface

  • Reservation scheduling
  • Shooter queue tracking when lanes are unavailable
  • Define session duration and overages fees
  • Allows for multiple shooters on a single lane

Range staff will find the intuitive AXIS Range interface easy to use and an invaluable asset when managing multiple shooters and lanes. The touch-screen compatible interface achieves lane assignment in mere moments. Once placed on a lane, color-coded visuals indicate shooting session status and help the RSO quickly identify session overages, open tickets, and upcoming reservations, allowing for better utilization of the facilities.

Axis gives you the control for running a large retail store, gun range, classes, gunsmithing and much more all rolled into one easy-to-use platform. After operating our range for 2 years with Axis it was a no brainer to move our entire facility to RTG’s platform. Since then we haven’t looked back once or second guessed ourselves.

Brandon Abell, General Manager, Lotus Gunworks of South Florida 

Class and Course Administration

Define, manage, and sell education services

  • Define maximum participant limit of class
  • Track roster check-ins
  • System generated email reminds enrollee of upcoming class

Maximize classroom capacity and revenue generating potential by utilizing AXIS facility and education management features. Create and manage classes to be sold at the Register and online. Administration capabilities assist instructors by providing tools to track attendance and manage liability waivers of participants.

How Do I Learn More About Gun Range Software?

It all starts with a simple email or a phone call. During our first no-cost discussion we will understand your timeline and business objectives and recommend next steps.