Introducing the Automatic Inventory Replenishment Utility for the AXIS Retail Management System:

Auto Order

The gun store POS software connecting firearms retailers to the largest network of available data feeds.

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available for automatic inventory replenishment with the AXIS Auto-Order application.

AXIS Auto-Order™ gives firearms retailers the POWER of CHOICE:

WHAT products to auto-replenish… WHEN the system should order them… and from WHERE the products are delivered.

Enroll NOW to use

AXIS Auto-Order™

FREE* of charge for 90 days!

Take back time lost to the painstaking process of manually replenishing inventory by allowing AXIS Auto-Order™ to handle the laborious process of monitoring and maintaining inventory levels for you – AUTOMATICALLY!

The ‘just-in-time’ inventory practices provided by AXIS Auto-Order will drive down cost of goods and increase inventory turnover rates. Allowing automation to order smaller quantities, at a higher ordering frequency, will ensure your pegs are never empty while also significantly reducing overstocks and aged inventory.

The result is an increase in available time and cash flow that can be used elsewhere in your business!

Reduce Stockouts and
Lost Sale Opportunities
Eliminate Overstocks
and Double Ordering
Improve Inventory
Turnover Rate
Reclaim Lost and Wasted Time
Improve Inventory Practices
and Data Accuracy
Reduce Overhead &
Improve Cash Flow
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*promotional offer expires at the conclusion of SHOT Show 2019

Participating Distributors

… and many more.

Offering the only end-to-end business solution for firearms retail and range operations.

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