AXIS Auto Order™ – The Only Point of Sale Software to Automate Inventory Orders

Automated inventory replenishment module that automatically monitors and maintains optimal inventory stock levels.

From purchasing to receiving, the AXIS Auto-Order™ application completely automates the inventory procurement process for facilities using AXIS RMS. Used in conjunction with data feeds from fourteen of the industry’s most predominate distributors and functionality provided by Gearfire, the AXIS Auto-Order utility gives retailers tools to save time and increase cash flow that can be invested elsewhere in their business.

14 Available Vendors

Access the largest network of participating distributors available for auto replenishment

Time Savings

Recapture time lost to the laborious tasks of manually monitoring and sourcing inventory.

Increased Turns

Ordering more frequently allows for smaller on-hand quantities, reducing aged inventory, while maintaining the same sell-through rate.

Electronic Catalogs

Access to every participating vendor’s catalog ensures your system has the most up-to-date information, such as unique part numbers and product costs.

Eliminate Stockouts

AXIS Auto-Order never sleeps and is always on duty, ensuring pegs are never empty.

Reduced Overstocks

Allowing automation to order smaller quantities, at a higher ordering frequency, will significantly reducing overstocks and aged inventory.

Increased Cash Flow

By implementing a ‘just-in-time’ inventory management method, cost of goods is driven down and inventory turns improve; increasing available funds.

Improved Data Accuracy

Streamlining business practices and retail operations positively improves data integrity and impacts reporting accuracy.