Say Goodbye to Paper 4473s


Introducing the First ATF 4473
eStorage Approved for a Retail POS

Brought to You By AXIS Point of Sale

AXIS eStorage Includes

  • An integrated electronic bound book and e4473 application

  • eSignature to simplify interactions with customers

  • One-click, integrated eNICS checks (approved by the FBI)

  • eStorage of the completed e4473 forms

  • And, an ability to post and track corrections

ATF Variance Developed by the Experts at Orchid Advisors

No More Paper – No More Printer Cartridges

No More Cartons of PAPER 4473s Collecting Dust for 20 Years!

Our Experts will Help You File the ATF Variance
Authored By Orchid Advisors Prior to Technology Implementation

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