e4473 and Electronic Bound Book

Retail FFL Compliance and ATF Control

Firearms management is at the heart of firearm retailers’ daily operations. Every process, product, and employee in a retailer’s shop is there in support of firearms sales and service. The handling of firearms requires adherence to strict ATF regulations and should be the most controlled processes at any location with an FFL. Don’t leave your store’s livelihood to chance, partner with Retail Technology Group and Orchid Advisors to protect your investment.

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AXIS FFL Protection Program

Electronic Bound Book Acquisition

Whether receiving new firearms from a distributor, having a customer drop-off a firearm for gunsmithing services, or taking in a used gun on trade, Acquisition entries are protected from user oversights with receiving process safeguards, ensuring the ATF required information is present on each submission before allowing the firearm to be received into any one of the four Bound Books.

Bound Book






Firearms Specific Transactions

AXIS offers multiple paths to transact a firearm sale. In addition to the standard register sale, time intensive firearms transactions may be initiated at any non-register workstation, removing obstructions near the Register and affording the salesperson more time to engage the customer. Significant time savings and data integrity improvements will be realized when the AXIS e4473 Kiosk is used complete the 4473 application. Once approved, the transaction can be moved to a register terminal for payment and disposition.

Designed and developed with industry needs in mind, AXIS accommodates for other unique transactions that occur in firearms retail. From acquisition to disposition, thoughtful transaction flow directs users through logical, easy to follow steps of firearm specific transactions.




The Gunsmithing feature in AXIS contains the tools to create, track, and invoice work orders.


Labor and Bill of Materials Invoicing

Email Notification

System generated Email notification upon work order completion

Easy Bound Book Entries

‘External Repair’ feature automatically creates proper bound book entries

Safeguards and ATF Reports

Rely on AXIS to be an SOP failsafe, notify staff of potential compliance infractions and generate ATF documentation.

Multiple Sales Forms

ATF Form 3310.4 & 3310.12 generation


Age Validation Prompts

Waiting Period

Firearm waiting period timer

Used Gun Report

ATF Form 5300.5

ATF 2016-1 Compliant

Bound Book audit log

Field Validation

ATF required data field validation

Discrepancy Notifications

Form 4473 discrepancy notifications
Client Testimonials

We were looking for a complete software solution for our retail gun store. We chose Axis Retail Management as our POS because of the electronic 4473 forms, A&D book, inventory management, and the  integration with our accounting software. In the 2.5 years that we have been using Axis we have been able to significantly increase our sales volume without increasing staff or man hours. 

Eric Soderblom – Owner – Ruff’s Sporting Goods

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